Library Software,
Products & Services

  • eCARD - Online Library Card Registration
  • ePASS - Library Patron Attraction & Museum Pass Reservations
  • PITS - Disruptive Library Patron Incident Tracking System

Library Software, Products & Services Developed by the Quipu Group

Quipu Group has had the privilege of working with libraries throughout the US and Canada since our start in 2005. Our group of information and technology professionals have been partnering with libraries to develop products, services and software solutions to fill the unique needs of today’s libraries.

We now offer three distinct and unique products – take a look!


Our eCARD service provides address and name verification for online patron registration for users both inside and outside of the library. eCARD is customized to use the policies of the local library to determine eligibility for a library card. eCARD interacts with the local Integrated Library System to create library cards for users 24/7. Find out more…


ePASS is an online reservation system libraries can use to manage free and discounted passes to local attractions. ePASS has sophisticated algorithms which can limit the number and frequency of passes made available to each patron. Partnerships with local museums or other cultural organizations are supported and strengthened with ePASS. Find out more…

Patron Incident Tracking System (PITS)

PITS is an online system created for libraries to document and manage information about disruptive events and people. Local library policies and rules of conduct are used to customize the types of incidents and follow-up actions available. Notifications related to reported incidents are automatically distributed to the appropriate people in the library. Find out more…